Ferndale Collectible Pressed Pennies

Home of the Cape Mendocino Lens Humboldt County Fair Racing Since 1862 Kinetic Sculpture Race For The Glory Since 1969

Sadly, our penny press is out of order,
and we cannot accept orders at this time.

We encourage you to come to Ferndale and press your own souvenir pennies. However, if you can't make it, we'll be happy to press and mail them to you to add to your collection (using pre-1982 pennies) for $1 each.

Ferndale Penny Order Form


Address ______________________________________________

City _______________________ State _________ Zip ________

Phone (_____)_______________ Fax (_____)_______________

e-mail address_________________________________________

Please send me #___ Cape Mendocino Lens + #___ Fair + #___ Kinetic Sculpture

I have enclosed $1 per coin, for a total of $_______________

Make checks payable to Ferndale Chamber of Commerce.
Please mail this form with your payment to:

Ferndale Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 325

Ferndale, CA 95536-0325

send e-mailFor more information, call the
Ferndale Chamber of Commerce: (707) 786-4477

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