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AMAYSING Grace Foundation

Dedicated to assisting Ferndale families who must travel outside Humboldt County to obtain necessary medical treatment for their children

updated 7-20-14

To Ferndalers, Jack Mays was an institution. For more than 30 years he sat in his white plastic chair, his drawing board propped on his lap and his box of colored pencils nearby.

Along with being recognized as Ferndale’s “resident artist,” Mays is also known for his benevolence. In early 2007, the result of Mays’ two decades worth of drawing was shown to the public for the first time. At 75, Mays decided to hold “a one and only” art show of more than 200 unique drawings of Ferndale after he was diagnosed in 2004 with terminal kidney cancer. Shortly after his diagnosis, the community of Ferndale held a benefit dinner for Mays and organizers auctioned off more than 100 of his “Jack’s Corner” cartoons — a feature he draws weekly for the town’s newspaper, The Ferndale Enterprise.

More than two years later, and still feeling healthy, Mays decided to give back to the community that he credited for “nursing” him back to health. Along with his first-time show, Mays allowed 13 of his drawings to be made into prints with all the proceeds from the limited-edition signed prints to go to a new foundation Mays and his friends organized.

To date, the “Amaysing Grace” Foundation, has raised more than $40,000. Its sole purpose is to help Ferndale families who must travel outside of Humboldt County for needed medical care for their children. An assortment of the benefit prints is still available and can be viewed at The Ferndale Enterprise office or on this web page.

To support the Foundation, all proceeds from the sale of the limited edition prints pictured below have been donated by Ferndale Artist Jack Mays.

Signed prints are available for only $75 each, while supplies last. Print size = 13" x 17"

Prints are on display at The Ferndale Enterprise, 207 Francis Street, Ferndale

Make checks payable to:

Ferndale Rotary/AMAYSING Grace Foundation

Mail your check to:

Ferndale Foundation
Box 877
Ferndale, CA 95536-0877

For more information, call an Amaysing Grace Foundation board member:

Karen Pingitore (707) 786-4111
Caroline Titus (707) 786-3068
Lynn McCulloch (707) 786-5300

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